2018 A Breath of Hope Lung Run/Walk Twin Cities

Family Picture!
Family Picture!

Mareezy Breezy

Support the fight to beat lung cancer!


I am fundraising for the 12th Annual A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation Twin Cities Lung Run/Walk.

My mother, Marie Stenglein died at the age of 74 in 2012 after a short 5-month battle from lung cancer. I continue to be passionate about driving lung cancer awareness due to my mother's late stage 4 diagnosis, lack of patient and family education and research dollars for this deadly disease.

The driving thought in my head as I enter my 6th year supporting the mission of A Breath Of Hope and now, as the Board Chairperson of this amazing organization is; “But if Not”, from the scripture of Daniel 3 which shares the story of deep faith in the face of death and loss. For me this means “But if” my mother was not to be saved from this deadly disease, then let me, in faith, continue to work hard to create good and to help save lives.

In learning more about the meaning of these three simple words, I also learned of the true story of Dunkirk (I have the moive recorded, now I just need to watch it). These soliders, in the face of death from a German invasion sent these same three words to London to save their lives; "But if not".....I attached the link to the story which shares the heroics much better than I ever could. https://www.calvaryb.org/sermons/2017/5/25/courageous-faith-faithful-in-the-face-of-death.

I am excited to share that Lake Harriet will once again be the backdrop for the 12th annual Lung Run-Walk on Saturday, August 11th! There are two ways you can support us! You can run or walk with us, our team name is, “Mareezy Breezy", or you can simply donate to our team, with donations going to support our family-patient programs, screening grants and research efforts to improve lung cancer outcomes. My mother loved Lake Harriet's music, ice-cream, and beauty, especially the water against the Minneapolis sky-line where she was born and raised.

Below are some additional facts that always remind me of the importance of the work that clearly still needs to be done.

Additional Facts

Lung cancer is the deadliest cancer, claiming more lives than breast, colon and prostate cancers COMBINED.

  • More than 160,000 Americans will die of lung cancer this year. Half are nonsmokers when diagnosed. That is 438 people every day! This is a medical crisis that must be addressed!
  • Lung cancer claims twice as many women's lives as breast cancer.
  • Lung cancer research remains dramatically underfunded due to the stigma of lung cancer which drives young researchers away from the field of lung cancer research.

With Many Blessings and Appreciation -

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